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Each industry has its specific requirements on products in terms of materials, temperature, pressure, corrosion etc. Rainbow, with her experienced sales staffs, dedicated client officers, knowledgeable technical support specialists and wide-connected makers, will help you address the application concerns and cater your special project needs in different industry sectors.

Markets we supply
We supply various pipes, tubes, fittings, flanges, valves and other one-stop products /equipment to the following markets



Rainbow has been in shipbuilding industries since it was founded. Our extensive experience with marine and offshore specifications and class requirements, quality control and documentation, on-schedule supply earned us an outstanding reputation in the industries.

No matter what type of vessel you are constructing, we can offer services of turnkey, engineering, procurement, commissioning and after-sale maintenance. The common vessels to which we supply materials include:

1) Offshore rigs


3) New ship construction

4) Ship conversion and repair

The pipeline infrastructure needed to transport various petroleum products to market continues to expand as Oil & Gas demand and production continues to develop all over the world.

We can supply API standard pipes/flanges/fittings for transportation of various petroleum related products.

1) Bulk Transmission of Petroleum Products
2) Bulk Transmission of Crude Oil 
3) Natural Gas Transmission 
4) Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Transmission 
5) Other Product Pipelines 


We can supply metallic water pipes in several types and sizes and plastic water pipes

Steel pipes:  

1) Strongest and most durable;

2) Convenient (longer) lengths and thus incur lower installation/transportation costs;

3) Easily welded

Galvanized steel or iron pipes: Traditional piping material

Cast iron pipes: Quite stable and well suited for high water pressure

Plastic pipes: Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes

Power Generation

Common applications we supply:
1) ERW pipe for steel boiler and superheater 
2) Seamless carbon steel boiler tube for high pressure services
3) Low carbon steel tube for heat exchanger and condenser 
4) Medium carbon steel tube for boiler and superheater
5) Alloy steel tube for boiler, superheater and heat exchangers
6) Mating flanges / fittings

Oil Refinery
Alloy pipe/flanges to cater tough working conditions like high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive (eg. Sour crude ) and/or high abrasive (eg. Oil sand) application.

Common stock like A182 P5/9/11/22/91

Gas & Chemical Processing
Pipe/flanges with Complex materials to cater challenging working conditions like extreme temperature, pressure, highly corrosive processing.

1) Low temperature application, e.g. LNG
2) High temperature application
3) High/low pressure application