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At Rainbow, we fully understand that sometimes there are special requirements on top of industrial standards or common stocks, either for a small portion of the total supply or for even a whole project supply. Our commitment is to provide our clients hassle free one-stop solution. That is why apart from the common stocks and standard products that we usually supply, we also provide customized services like fabrication, logistics, threading, coating etc at request.


Type: all different types of threads

applicable line pipe size: ¼”- to 12”


We can provide below kinds of coating services

- Galvanizing

- Zinc Plating
- Pickle & Oil
- Primer
- Tar Epoxy
- 3PE / 2PE
- 3PP / 2PP

We have our own fitting factory which can fabricate customized fittings.

We also offer special fabrication services like cutting, grinding, beveling, boring as per project specifications.

List of some services:

- Non-standard fittings

- Pipe Cutting
- Pipe Boring
- Pipe Grinding
- Pipe Bending
- Pipe End Beveling

We can help our clients pack the pipes at desired manner and ship the goods to the designed ports globally. Storage service is also available upon request.

List of some services:

- Pipe end cap
- PVC wrapping
- Bundling
- Lifting strap
- Global shipping
- Warehouse storage service