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Extrusion Production Process of Precision Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2016-03-06      View(s):5133      Tag:Extrusion Production
Precision seamless steel tubes with conventional technology for the furnace + ESR -> forging or forging billet and rolling way. Product shape round bar, square flat and forgings. Then steam turbine plant for further processing, but the processing process more special shape, metal utilization after processing about 30%. To squeeze mode after production, will have the following advantages:
1, Precision seamless steel tubes in the best state of stress in the hot extrusion process, reducing the product of internal defects.
2, Easy to implement diverse cross-sectional shape, adapt more variety, small batch production.
3, In each direction of performance uniformity.

The main way to produce extrusion process: EAF + ESR -> forging or rolling cogging -> induction heating -> Extrusion -> annealing.

Extrusion and forging, rolling approach is the difference between:
1, Precision seamless extrusion heating temperatures than forging, rolling production is higher 30-60 ℃;
2, Deformation, high speed (deformed steel requires only 2-4S).
3, Multi-step, high metal consumption.