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Piercing tool of seamless steel pipe
Date:2019-04-18      View(s):154      Tag:Piercing tool of seamless steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe perforation tools are as follows:

1) roller: it is the main transmission deformation tool. Usually, the roller consists of an inlet cone, a rolling belt (also called a compression belt) and an outlet cone. Its function:
One. Injection cone: enter the tube blank and realize the perforation of the tube.
The outlet cone of the bay is designed to reduce the hair wall, smooth the surface of the capillary, uniform the thickness of the capillary wall and complete the capillary backflow.
C. Rolling belt: transition from inlet cone to outlet cone.

2) guide rail: it is a fixed external deformation tool, which not only plays the guiding role of the tube and capillary, makes the rolling line stable, but also is more important to close the hole and outer ring, restrict the transverse deformation and tube diameter of the capillary, and play the role of controlling the diameter of the capillary diameter. The guide plate has the same shape as the roller, and has an inlet part, a transition part and an outlet part. (1) the inlet part is introduced into the tube blank; (2) the export part derives capillary tubes and restricts the expansion of the capillary tubes; (3) the transition part is used as a transition.

3) head: the shape of the head is shown as shown. It is a deformable tool in the punching machine, which is equivalent to the inner roll of the ring mill. During operation, the support of the head against the ejector pin is fixed in the axial position of the deformation area. Practice has proved that when the tube blank is changed from solid to hollow, the outer diameter of the rolled piece changes little. The expansion of the inner diameter from zero to the required value is mainly from the head. The head is a key tool for the mass and punch productivity of the capillaries, because the head bears a very important deformable task and is exposed to the harsh working conditions surrounded by heated metals. The head consists of four parts: nose, perforated cone, flat belt and inverted tapered belt. The role of each part is: 1) in the process of perforation, it is easy to use the nose in the blank centering hole, which is easy to operate; the axial force is applied to the center of the tube in order to prevent the prefabricated cavity to a certain extent. 2) the perforated cone is responsible for piercing the pipe and reducing the thickness of the capillary. 3) the cone angle of the flat part is equal to the cone angle of the exit of the roller. It acts as a capillary and a flat capillary throughout the thickness of the inner and outer surfaces; when the capillary is detached from the head, its function is to prevent internal scratches.