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Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe Connection Method
Date:2019-06-23      View(s):44      Tag:Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe Connection Method
There are many ways to connect carbon seamless steel tubes, and now they are usually used in many ways:

Different connections have different production principles in different fields because of their applications. Generally speaking, they have one thing in common, that is, they are easy to install and reliable. Here are some simpler methods for describing connections:
1. Compression: insert the pipe into the nozzle, tighten it with nuts, and tighten the nozzle with spiral force through the sealing ring, which plays a sealing role and completes the pipeline connection.
2. Welding: Pipeline processing groove bottom, using manual or automatic welding pipe to do girth welding.
Flange type: The flange and pipeline are annular welded, fastened by fast clamp or bolt, so that the sealing gasket between flanges plays a role in completing pipeline connection.
4. Clamping type: When the pipe enters the pipe, special installation tools are used to turn the wall clamp pipe into hexagonal shape, and the internal seal is also changed into hexagonal shape.
5. Taper thread: is used for TIG welding of external threads and pipelines, thread pipe joints from the taper thread connection to play a sealing role, complete the pipeline connection.

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