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Pickling Technics for Carbon steel pipe
Date:2019-05-17      View(s):1367      Tag:Pickling Technics for Carbon steel pipe
At present, the pickling method of carbon steel pipes is used in the construction and management of the inner cycle of two-tank pickling.

(1) tank pickling. After secondary installation, the installed pipeline is removed after being decomposed into acid bath and soaked. This method is suitable for a small number of occasions, such as pumping stations and valve stations, where large diameter pipes are short, straight and easy to disassemble, and pipelines and a small number of hydraulic pipes of field pipeline systems are constructed.
(2) Pipeline circuit pickling. The hydraulic components installed in the hydraulic pipeline are disconnected or dismantled from the hose, and the receivers and flushing cover joints constitute the flushing circuit. The acid pump pickles into the circulating circuit. Pickling method is a relatively advanced construction technology in recent years. It has the advantages of fast pickling speed, good effect, simple process, convenient operation, reducing pollution to human body and environment, reducing labor intensity, shortening pipeline installation cycle, solving long and complex pipeline pickling problems, and avoiding secondary pollution. Pickling is easy to assemble, and has been widely used in large-scale hydraulic systems. The construction of Tao.

The acid pickling formula and process pipeline will cause unreasonable pipe wall can not be completely oxidized, excessive wall corrosion, pipe wall corrosion and pipeline residual chemical reaction sediment and other phenomena.

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