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Steel delivery status and heat treatment requirements
Date:2019-07-05      View(s):1438      Tag:Steel delivery status and heat treatment requirements
Other countries and ISO stainless steel standards are provided for hot rolled (forged) steel. In addition to heating pressure steel, general heat treatment delivery (heat treatment requirements need to be specified in the contract). After heat treatment, acid pickling, shot peening or turning peeling or surface treatment are carried out according to the requirements. Suitable for cold rolling or cold drawing, or cold working conditions, or cold working after heat treatment, pickling or shot peening treatment, or forming, grinding, polishing after heat treatment, or further hardening treatment of varying degrees and delivery in other states.

ISO and EN, DIN standards, steel delivery status should be based on production and processing methods and surface conditions of several different types of combinations, more scientific and reasonable, conducive to the implementation of standards.

Regarding the heat treatment system, besides ASTM standard, the national and ISO standards stipulate the heat treatment system for each grade of conveying steel or the heat treatment system for measuring mechanical properties. Only ASTM standard, except precipitation hardening steel, does not generally apply to the specific requirements of each grade of heat treatment system in the steel standard. Only the requirements of heat treatment type (such as annealing, co-solution or aging) and the general technical requirements of various steel heat treatment requirements specified in the variety standard are required.

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