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Performance of erw pipe
Date:2019-09-12      View(s):1663      Tag:Performance of erw pipe
The ERW pipe is formed by cold bending, and the sizing amount is reduced by 0.6%. The process temperature is basically constant at room temperature, the outer diameter is controlled accurately and the fluctuation range is small, which is beneficial to eliminate the black leather buckle.

The strength index of the pipe is in the best state, and the plasticity index is 33.3% higher than the standard. The reason is that the raw material performance of ERW steel tube-hot rolled coil is guaranteed by microalloying smelting, out-of-furnace refining and controlled cooling and rolling.

In the rolling process, the raw material of ERW steel tube-hot rolled coil is highly controlled, and the accuracy of each part of coil can be ensured.

The raw material of ERW steel tube-hot rolled coil is made of wide and thick continuous casting billet with thick fine grain solidification layer, no columnar crystal area, loose shrinkage, small component deviation and compact structure. The application of cold rolling technology in subsequent rolling process further ensures the grain size of raw material.

The blasting test performance of ERW pipe is much higher than the standard requirement, mainly because of the high uniformity of wall thickness and the uniformity of pipe diameter.

ERW tubes are cold-processed and straightened with reduced diameter and infinite multiple, so straightness is better.

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