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Seamless steel pipe industry has entered the recombination window period seamless steel pipe
Date:2019-04-24      View(s):1273      Tag:Seamless steel pipe industry has entered the recombination window period seamless steel pipe
    In November, the funds were slightly tightened, and the interest rate of the seamless steel pipe market increased slightly. Commercial banks have significantly reduced credit exposure in some occupations and parts of the region. The Banking Regulatory Commission needs to issue a document to strengthen the prevention and resolution of the risk of the company's guarantee circle loans, warning the occupation of steel trade, coal and so on. Banks are more and more cautious about the seamless pipe industry chain, real estate and other professional lending, and the situation of tight management of the factory is still the same.

    At the moment, international seamless steel pipes need to be strong. A 16Mn seamless steel pipe that leads the global economic recovery in developed countries is widely used. The general-purpose seamless steel pipe is rolled from ordinary carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, and has the largest output. It is mainly used as a pipe or structural part for conveying fluid. Seamless steel pipes made of such steel are widely used. The hydraulic pillars, high-pressure gas cylinders and high-pressure boilers operate high-quality seamless steel pipe sales areas covering the company's professional management of various specifications and models of seamless pipes, seamless steel pipes, thick-walled steel pipes, seamless steel pipe manufacturers, etc. Standards, all produced from the factory and state-owned large steel mills, such as: Maanshan Iron and Steel, Laiwu Steel, Baotou Steel, and Heavy Steel. As the largest steel pipe production and processing trade enterprise in Luxi, the long-stock inventory is more than 10,000 tons, and the inventory and sales volume are the first among similar enterprises in the country. Long-term supply of seamless steel pipes of various specifications, high-pressure boiler pipes, fluid pipes, structural pipes, fertilizer-specific pipes, and alloy steel pipes imported by Germany, the United States and Japan, all provinces and regions except Hainan and Tibet. We have won market acclaim for ourselves while continuously improving our customers' competitiveness through service. The company also sells various seamlessly produced by major steel mills such as Chengdu Iron and Steel Group, Metallurgical Steel Group, Baotou Steel Plant, Baosteel Group, Angang Group, Tianjin Daxing, Xining Special Steel Plant, Wuxi Steel Plant and Hengyang Steel Plant. The surface strength of steel pipe and alloy pipe, fertilizer equipment, petroleum cracking, automobile semi-shaft bushing, diesel engine, hydraulic pipe fittings, etc., is slightly higher than that of No. 15 steel, and it is rarely quenched and has no temper brittleness. The cold deformation is high in plasticity, generally used for bending, calendering, crimping and hammer arching. The welding performance of arc welding and contact welding is good. The thickness of gas welding is small, and the shape is strict or the shape is complicated. The machinability cold drawing or normalizing state is better than the annealed state, and is generally used for manufacturing low stress and high toughness requirements. The annual inventory will be around 10,000 tons, and the annual sales volume will exceed 100 million yuan. The products sold are all implemented in national standards and are applicable to engineering, coal mining and textile. Therefore, it depends on the chemical composition (mainly carbon content), heat treatment process and use. As a result, the growth of the international economy in the new economy is weakening and the upward trend is increasing. This has become an important factor in the rapid growth of China's steel export growth this month and the sharp increase in exports. In the second half of the year, the global economic development will be outstanding and economic activities will gradually strengthen, which will help improve the environment for China's steel exports.

    On the whole, China's seamless steel pipe industry has entered a recombination window for steel companies with unqualified or non-operating environmental protection equipment and non-operating projects. From the past experience, mergers and acquisitions often occur. When the industry is relatively difficult but can see the dawn.