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South Korea pays attention to China's seamless steel pipe industry reform
Date:2019-04-23      View(s):1471      Tag:South Korea pays attention to China's seamless steel pipe industry reform
From January to February, China's seamless steel pipe export volume was 13.17 million tons, down 25.7% from the same period last year. The analysis shows that the reason for the decline of China's seamless steel pipe export is that the expectation of domestic demand market will continue to increase in the future; secondly, trade protectionism prevails in the international market and aims at China. The Chinese government and large steel companies consciously reduce conflicts by reducing exports. It is predicted that if this trend continues, China's seamless steel pipe exports will fall to about 80 million tons this year. From the numerical point of view, it will greatly alleviate the problem of oversupply in the world seamless steel pipe market.
At the two sessions of this year, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to reduce production capacity by 50 million tons on the basis of last year's 65 million tons of steel. At the same time, it has launched a large-scale investment plan to expand the demand for seamless steel tubes, including infrastructure such as housing, railways, highways, canals and pipelines, as well as the "one way" cooperative project and the pension industry. China's economy is changing from quantitative growth to qualitative leap. The steel industry will also achieve supply-demand balance and industrial upgrading by expanding demand and reducing production capacity.
The changes in China's steel industry will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the global steel industry, but for Korea, it is a "double-edged sword". On the one hand, the reduction of China's seamless steel pipe exports will help to balance the supply and demand of the international seamless steel pipe market and reduce trade friction; on the other hand, the upgraded Chinese steel industry will become the Korean steel industry competition next only to Japan. Opponent.