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Seamless steel pipe 45# market was temporarily stable
Date:2019-04-23      View(s):1515      Tag:Seamless steel pipe 45# market was temporarily stable
This week, the domestic seamless steel pipe market No. 45 showed a steady upward trend. As of Friday, prices in most regions have risen by 40-60 yuan/ton compared with last Friday, with a slight increase of about 20 yuan/ton in some regions. Futures performed strongly this week, especially in the second half of the week, when prices continued to rise sharply. In addition, due to the influence of the steel mill's output restriction policy, billet prices continued to rise and hot rolling production slightly declined in Tangshan area. The spot market is also basically this week. The main trend is the upward trend. In the first half of the week, the market was generally positive. Although demand is relatively weak, prices have risen slightly, which has not propelled market transactions. Trading in the market is clearly light. In the second half of this week, the spot market rose sharply under the influence of the sharp rise in futures. Under the influence of the "buy but not buy" mentality, the buying enthusiasm is also slightly active, and the volume of transactions has increased significantly compared with the previous week. However, due to the current market mainly in Tianjin, resources are still tight, and incomplete specifications also limit the volume of shipments.