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Precision Bright Tubes Common Surface Treatment Process
Date:2019-05-24      View(s):1462      Tag:Precision Bright Tubes Common Surface Treatment Process
Passivation, pickling and degreasing of precise bright tubes are three commonly used surface treatment processes of precise bright tubes.

1. Precision tube passivation
This process suggests that the surface must be free of iron. The presence of precise bright tube particles on the surface of any iron, cast iron, low carbon steel, carbon steel or low alloy steel will promote "free" pitting corrosion of iron and precise smooth tube surfaces. This is a very serious problem, so passivation is only used to process precision optical tubes and stainless steel iron. The main purpose is to prevent passivation, oxidation and corrosion on the surface of precision optical tube.

2. Precision Pipe Pickling
The purpose of precision optical tube is to remove the surface of precision optical tube by pickling in high temperature welding, heat treatment or oxide heat treatment. But it can also eliminate the rust corrosion of iron or iron or steel particles. Please note that if the pickled surface is not cleaned after pickling, the surface will soon begin to rust and corrode. The corrosion resistance of the steel surface layer below decreases as a result. Acidic pickling process of precision optical tubes can be applied to all 200,300,400 series of precision optical tubes for surface treatment. All pickling operations result in simultaneous removal of impurities on the metal surface with only a slight change in size, thus eliminating the visual brightness to some extent and possibly significantly reducing the size. Heat treatment in vacuum or good controllable atmosphere, such as bright annealing, do not need pickling, often make the precision light tube get better light cleaning.

3. Degreasing of Precision Light Tube Cleaner
The surface treatment process of precision tube must remove oil, cutting fluid, wire drawing compound and other lubricants before any treatment. Then the front or final passivation of precision tube assembly can be carried out by heat treatment. Precision lamps must also be degreased before further assembly by welding to prevent carbon absorption at high temperatures. Usually, the precise light tube cleaner (CA-Q03) is chosen. It can remove any oil contamination only by soaking at room temperature for 1-8 minutes. It is easy to operate and has low labor intensity. It can be reused repeatedly and can effectively reduce the cost of production. In other metal cleaning operations, the cleaning rate can be increased by using brushing, spraying or stirring during operation.

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