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Spiral Pipe Handling
Date:2019-05-24      View(s):1452      Tag:Spiral Pipe Handling
The advantage of compact spiral pipe is that only a thin side appearance can be melted, which makes oxides and impurities extruded, thus providing pure, high quality welding. Side parallel connecting rod, screw tube manufacturer oxide can be extruded along two deflection directions.

If on the inside of one side of the first war, oxides become more difficult. There's a clock between A and B. It's like receiving a crucible impurity. The temperature near the inner side of the oxide floats on the molten liquid metal meter on the two central extrusion rolls; the power point can not get the high quality welding joint to form a clamp submerged. The linear expansion coefficient of non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium) treated by spiral tube manufacturers is larger. This double V-shaped slag not only forms a mark, but also may produce shrinkage defects when the metal agglomeration embrittlement leads to pinhole formation. Stripping width and welded pipe are blank and groove shape is selected to meet pipe size requirements and ensure edge extrusion, to give high-quality pipe materials, spiral pipe manufacturer processing material estimation, actual production can be based on T formula to estimate strip width.