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Process to Spiral Steel Pipe
Date:2019-05-26      View(s):1395      Tag:Process to Spiral Steel Pipe
The spiral tube processing device is manufactured on the basis of the original spiral tube according to the requirements of the product.
There are two common processing methods for spiral tubes.
1. Thermal expansion method
Bulging law
One is placed in the rubber tube, which is stamped and contracted on the top, and the other is formed in the middle of the tube filled with liquid to form a hydraulic bulge. The liquid pressure of the tube reaches the required drum shape. This method is used in most production of bellows.
2. Forging Method
Through the forging machine, part of the red pipe end or extension part can be reduced the outer diameter. The general forging machine has rotary, connecting rod, roller.
3. Bending method
There are three more common methods, called stretching method, another method is called stamping method, the third roll method, roll 3-4, two fixing rolls, steering roll, fixing roll spacing adjustment, the finished pipe is bent.
The tapered end of the pipe used on the punch extends to the required size and shape.
Rolling method
Generally do the mandrel, suitable for thick-walled pipe inside the round edge.
6. drum method
The core is placed in the tube and the roll is pushed around for round edge processing.

2. Antiseptic methods
This steel is often said to be corroded spiral pipe. This processing method is defined as chemical coating on the surface and inner spiral pipe, common corrosion form 3PE corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy resin, cement mortar corrosion. The maximum goal of this processing method is to prolong the service life of the pipeline.

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